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casnet: An R toolbox for studying Complex Adaptive Systems and NETworks

A collection of analytic tools for studying signals recorded from complex adaptive systems or networks:

  • (Cross) Recurrence Quantification Analyses (Continuous and Categorical (C)RQA, Chromatic RQA, Anisotropic RQA)
  • Fluctuation Analyses (DFA, PSD slope, SDA, Multifractal DFA, Wavelet Singularity Spectrum)
  • Network based time series analyses and visualisation (Recurrence Networks, spiral graphs)
  • Multivariate (network based) time series analyses (Dynamic Complexity, Multiplex Recurrence Networks)

Installing casnet

As soon as it is published on CRAN, install the latest stable release of casnet using utils::install.packages(casnet, dependencies = TRUE).

Development version

Either use devtools::install_github or remotes::install_github



Vignette build failing?

If building the vignettes fails on installation (using build_vignettes = TRUE), just omit the argument and find them at online as Articles or locate the vignettes in the inst/docs/ folder of the repository.