ManyLabs 2

ManyLabs 2

This page contains links to tutorials, information and files and applications related to the ManyLabs 2 project.

Github repository for R function library

The key tables used to generate datasets and analyses

  • masterKey - Contains the R code for all analyses
  • sourceInfo - Contains information about all particpating labs (sources)
  • Codebook for primary analyses
  • Filename Filters - Some filenames and sourcenames had to be adjusted, this table records those adjustments.
  • Zhong Text - The different translations of the text used in the Zhong et al. study, including character count , participants had to copy more than half of the text to be included in analyses.
  • Zavani Unique Values - Contains the unique responses given in the Zavani et al. study for all languages, including a categorisation of whether the response was correct or not.

Files used for R code review:

Some early tutorials (may contain info that is no longer applicable)

Shiny App for data exploration

  • Local (might be slow due to limited bandwidth)
  • External host