ManyLabs2 Data Merge

Before we can do anything, you’ll need to install some things:

Function inIT will load and -if necessary- install packages passed in a list (unIT will do the reverse operation). Let’s initialise some libraries.

inIT(c("plyr", "dplyr", "MBESS", "metafor", "xlsx", "hypergeo"))

Set the working directory to where the .csv files are. If your dropbox is in your home folder and you copied the Manylabs2/Raw Data/ folder to your Dropbox, the line below should work. We’ll put the filenames ending in .csv in a list object fileList (using grepl to get a True / False index for the file-extension)

setwd("~/Dropbox/Manylabs2/Raw Data/")
fileList <- dir()[grepl(".csv", dir())]

Slate 1

# Merge Slate 1
skip <- list()
ML2.files.S1 <- fileList[grepl("Slate1", fileList) & !(fileList %in% skip)]
names(ML2.files.S1) <- ML2.files.S1
ML2.S1 <- ldply(.data = ML2.files.S1, .fun = get.CSVdata, .inform = T)
# Filter test trials
ML2.S1 <- filter(ML2.S1, !(grepl("test", ML2.S1$age, = T)))

Slate 2

# Merge Slate 2
skip <- list()
ML2.files.S2 <- fileList[grepl("Slate2", fileList) & !(fileList %in% skip)]
names(ML2.files.S2) <- ML2.files.S2
ML2.S2 <- ldply(.data = ML2.files.S2, .fun = get.CSVdata, .inform = T)
# Filter test trials
ML2.S2 <- filter(ML2.S2, !(grepl("(test)+", ML2.S2$age, = T, perl = T)))

Save data as xlsx, csv and Rds

# SAVE DATA ---------------------------------------------------------------

# Generate some stats about the datafiles and save to a workbook
setwd("~/Dropbox/Manylabs2/Raw Data")
ML2.vars.S1 <- llply(.data = ML2.files.S1, get.CSVinfo)
ML2.vars.S2 <- llply(.data = ML2.files.S2, get.CSVinfo)

wb <- createWorkbook()
sheet <- createSheet(wb, sheetName = "N per site Slate 1")
addDataFrame(ldply(ML2.vars.S1, function(inf) inf$Info), sheet)
sheet <- createSheet(wb, sheetName = "N per site Slate 2")
addDataFrame(ldply(ML2.vars.S2, function(inf) inf$Info), sheet)
saveWorkbook(wb, "ML2_DataFileInfo.xlsx")

# Raw Data Slate 1 .xlsx, .csv, RDS
write.csv(ML2.S1, "ML2_RawData_S1.csv")
saveRDS(ML2.S1, "ML2_RawData_S1.rds")

# Raw Data Slate 2 .xlsx, .csv, RDS
write.csv(ML2.S2, "ML2_RawData_S2.csv")
saveRDS(ML2.S2, "ML2_RawData_S2.rds")