1.2 Teaching methods

Each meeting starts with a lecture session addressing the mathematical background and practical application of a particular aspect of a model, or analysis technique. During the assignment session, students will get hands-on experience with applying the models or analysis techniques discussed during the lecture session by completing assignments provided on blackboard for each session.


To prepare for each lecture students read a contemporary research paper or watch a videolecture (e.g., TED) featuring complexity theory and its application on a topic in behavioural science that will be discussed in the subsequent lecture. Students are required to formulate questions about each paper, and to initiate a discussion with their fellow-students on Blackboard.

Before each lecture, students should:

  • Read (parts of) a scientific article, or watch a videolecture featuring a complex systems perspective and/or methodology.
  • Ask (or answer) a question about what they have read / seen in the appropriate discussion forum on Blackboard.
    • The answers students provide will be discussed during the lecture.