1.5 Examination

The evaluation of achievement of study goals takes two forms:

  • Participation - The ability to formulate a question about an advanced topic is a first step towards understanding, answering a question that was posted by a peer is a second step. Questions and answers will not be graded, there will be a check to see if a student participated in all sessions.
  • Final Assignment - This take-home assignment will be provided at the end of the course. It will consist of a series of practical assignments and at least one essay question to test theoretical knowledge. The submission deadline is two weeks after the last lecture.


The take home exam will be graded as a regular exam. A student passes the course if the exam grade is higher than 5.5 AND if the student participated in the discussion on Blackboard each session.

Submitting the assignment

The take-home exam must be submitted by sending them by email to both f.hasselman@pwo.ru.nl AND m.wijnants@pwo.ru.nl no later than February 1st.